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Tom and pot salad

by Tinsley House Clinic on September 7th, 2010

Tom and Pot salad

Serves 4

20 salad potatoes
12 medium tomatoes
Glove of garlic
Virgin olive oil
Red wine vinegar

1 Boil the potatoes, drain and put aside to cool
2 Slice the tomatoes into quarters removing core
3 Drizzle the virgin olive oil into a large bowl, add a dash of red wine vinegar and chopped garlic. Agitate vigourously with a fork
4 Halve the potatoes and remove skins and place in the bowl together with the tomatoes.
5 Leave for at least an hour, turning the pots and toms at least every ten minutes. The longer it is left the better it tastes. It can be left overnight (covered) in the fridge.
6 Serve with cold meats/fish and green salad

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