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Brilliant work

by Tinsley House Clinic on March 28th, 2011

I was recently sent a short story (300 words) that Master William Starkey had submitted to a literacy competition. To say it was brilliant would be an understatement. If your child has written something amazing, won an award, got a medal or gone up a belt in karate, please let me know and I wiull post it on the website. Here is William”s short story –

Chan and the Dragon

By William Starkey

Chan lives with his parents in a flat in Toyko but would prefer to live in a mansion in the countryside.

He spends his days sword fighting with his friends. He dreams of being a warrior. He has read many stories of the warriors and how brave they were. He has trained in karate and so far has reached his white belt.

At the weekend, Chan always went to visit his grandmother in the countryside. She did not live in a mansion but a small cottage by a stream. Chan likes visiting his grandmother because of her special treats, mainly chocolate muffins.

One Saturday, Chan was splashing about in the stream, trying to spear fish with his sword. He heard a strange roar above him and saw a flock of mysterious birds.

They had oddly shaped heads with large ears and deathly shaped fangs. Quite scary.

As Chan watched they seemed to hover in the air and the birds seemed to join up into a big red ball of flames. Chan was terrified and was frozen in fear. Flames exploded from the ball, Chan dived for cover behind a tree.

He found a little courage from within himself and he peeped out from behind the tree. As he watched, an evil looking black dragon appeared from the flames.

The dragon swooped down toward the small cottage, Chan screamed at the top of his voice “Grandma Get out”.

The dragon stopped in mid air and turned slowly to face Chan, he opened his mouth and let fire shoot at Chan’s face. Chan quickly dodged it and the tree he was hiding behind got burned.  The dragon then came down to face Chan directly. The dragon opened its mouth but Chan was prepared and charged into the Dragon`s throat. Chan then started to walk through the Dragon`s neck. Chan eventually got to the dragons heart and threw his sword at it. Blood oozed out. Chan pulled his sword out of the heart and cut a hole big enough to step though and walked out.

His grandmother was standing in front of him and was clapping and said “well done Chan well done”.

Then they sold the dragon as meat and got heaps of money and Chan got his wishes.

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