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Mindful Parenting (a parent-thesis)

by Tinsley House Clinic on October 23rd, 2011

Mindful Parenting

A new theory of parenting based on the postnatal development of the brain

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The new book from Robin Pauc, the fourth in the series of “Is That My Child?” gives a cutting edge, fascinating insight into the science behind parenting.

From falling in love to marriage, and from childbirth to tolerating troublesome teens – this easy-to-follow text takes readers through the chemical changes underlying all the major milestones of family life.

“In Mindful Parenting (a parent-thesis) best-selling author and researcher Robin Pauc looks at the postnatal development of the brain and the potential challenges this poses to parents. However, before considering the impact that a child makes upon the lives of their parents he also considers why we are attracted to certain people and not others and why indeed we fall in love. In considering the establishment of the family he looks in depth into the history of the individual members of the family unit and the effects such factors as the location of the family home and income have upon the functioning of the unit. An easy to follow questionnaire allows the reader to look subjectively at their life situation and where possible make changes that will impact favourably upon the every day family life. Issues with both the parents and children with learning and behavioural disorders are addressed sympathetically and case histories are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of appropriate interventions.

This fourth book in the series by Robin Pauc provides a mirror into which anyone can look to see their current life situation – the point on the line of history where it is bisected by their own biography – it provides an explanation as to why children do what they do and when things go wrong, why the particular problem arose and more importantly what you can do to change things. This book empowers parents by providing a knowledge of the postnatal development of the brain in a format that is easily digested and yet contains the latest cutting-edge neurology that few people on the planet are aware of.”

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