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Can you help with dyslexia at home?

by Tinsley House Clinic on September 12th, 2012

Could a simple eye test, diet and exercises help kids with dyslexia learn to read?

Across the nation, satchels are being packed in readiness for the new school year. But for children with dyslexia, the pleasure of seeing friends is often out weighed by fear of the classroom.

Now a controversial new theory claims we’re looking at dyslexia in the wrong way. It’s commonly diagnosed alongside other conditions, such as dyspraxia (poor coordination) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). But developmental specialist and author Robin Pauc believes these overlapping syndromes all stem from the same brain ‘glitch’.

‘These problems never appear on their own,’ he says. ‘Instead of looking at them individually, we should see them as symptoms of a wider developmental delay with a common cause.’ A cause, he believes, that can be treated with nutrition and brain-boosting exercises. He also thinks problems with eye convergence – the ability to move the eyes together while scanning text – is a huge factor in reading problems. He’s carrying out research in schools, and campaigning for kids with early reading difficulties to be tested. ‘It can be treated effectively with vision exercises,’ he says. Despite being unorthodox, Robin’s work has a devoted following among parents. ‘I know some people are sceptical,’ says Robin. ‘But in my view, it’s an effective, drug-free therapy that could save our schools millions.’

  • One in 10 children are diagnosed dyslexic, and one in five leave school unable to read.
  • Dyslexia isn’t just about illiteracy. Dyslexic children also have problems with information itself,  from processing it to storing it.
  • Dyslexia is more common in boys than girls. It has no impact on intelligence.
  • Experts agree dyslexia is a brain-based condition,but the exact cause remains a matter of debate.

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