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Retained Primitive Reflexes

by Robin Pauc on November 14th, 2017

At least once a week I receive a phone call or email from a parent asking if I treat Retained Primitive Reflexes.
I then have to spend the next 15 minutes explaining (calmly) that we all have retained primitive reflexes and that they are meant to be there, are not a condition as such, and can surface in anyone under the right (wrong) circumstances. If the brain, brainstem and spinal cord grow, develop and mature as they should, the primitive reflexes are suppressed and other responses are put in place. If development is delayed, due to a stressor causing the control of growth (the epigenome) to glitch, then some of the primitive reflexes may be found on examining a child. Therefore, common sense would suggest that treating the developmental delay is a better course of action rather than treating a single symptom of it.

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