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Research Division

As seen on Meridian Tonight

Meridian Tonight cover the groundbreaking Dyslexia treatment programme that the Tinsley House Clinic run.

Based on research, Robin Pauc, director of the Tinsley House Clinic suggests that 30% of children currently diagnosed as having dyslexia have instead a common eye condition that can be diagnosed in minutes and treated in weeks.

Imagine if 30% of dyslexic children could start reading fluently in such a short time frame.

Current Research

Darren Barnes-Heath DC, a Tinsley House Practitioner in Lincolnshire, is treating five children with learning difficulties in a primary school. Treatment is funded by the school while the parents ensure their children are following Darren’s recommendations and doing their exercises.

It is only a small trial but Darren Barnes-Heath is the first Chiropractor to receive funding to work in a school, so it is an important step forwards. It was initiated by the head teacher who was impressed with the changes he saw in one of his pupils who Darren had treated. So far, he is pleased with the improvements the children have made and has acquired funding for another five children in the 2008-9 academic year. The results of the first trial will be published at the end of 2008.

Published Research

Recent Papers

  • Little known neurons of the medial wall
    Accepted for publication in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine
  • Visual fixation in children and its role in Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
    Accepted for publication in the Clinical Chiropractic
  • Paratonia and Gegenhalten in childhood and senescence – a literature review
    Submitted to Clinical Chiropractic

Abstracts and full text available at ScienceDirect.