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A Picture of Elf

A Picture of Elf

NEW BOOKS by Robin Pauc


Now available on Amazon as an Ebook and Paperback –

Gudh Elf & Badh Elf – A Picture of Elf

Also available The Official Colouring Book I


 In a land where this world ends and at least a footstep within the realm of fantasy lived a little boy called Badh Elf. Bestselling author Robin Pauc (Is That My Child?) takes you to Elfland, where through the medium of fantasy, he looks at the learning and behavioural disorders of childhood. Each story (with a sprinkling of childish humour, brilliant illustrations and some fairy magic) looks at an individual issue and helps both children and parents understand the cause and treatment. Dyslexia, dyspraxia, attention deficit, tic disorders, obsessions and silliness syndrome all receive the attention of the Good Doctor, of Tiddleton-on-Sea, Elfland. Bullying, obesity and the importance of friendship are also addressed as the lives of Elves, Goblins, Fairies, Boggarts, Bogles and even Trolls unfold in this magical land.


Books, Jigsaws, Official Maps of Elfland and Dwight’s Magic Marbles available from Tinsley House Clinic, UK.

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