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Case Studies

The best way to illustrate the work we do here at Tinsley House is to explore some of the cases with which we have helped. As you can see by reading the 5 studies show below, each child although being diagnosed with the same basic condition often has very different symptoms and as such each case must be carefully analysed before appropriate treatment can be suggested.

Click the childs name below to read details of their case:

7 year old Dan’s symptoms were as follows: poor concentration, moodiness, anxiety, slightly myopic vision, poor personal hygiene, found reading/writing a problem, eczema and was particularly prone to illness.

12 year old Jordan had met his developmental milestones and there was no record of any foetal distress. His symptoms however included poor bladder control, poor sleep and a tendency to take things literally.

Lenny, 15 had no dyslexic traits however he had learning difficulties and failed in a formal education setting and had low self esteem.

Marcus exhibited slow speech development, a tendency to contract ear infections, slow physical development and reflexes. In addition he was very introverted and frequently wet the bed.

6 year old Samantha exhibited hyperactivity, was noisy, easily distracted and had a poor short term memory. She had a tendency to be destructive. In addition she had regular ear infections, as well as suffering from both eczema and asthma.

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