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Dyslexia Really

DyslexiaReally_CampaignIs your child showing signs of reading difficulty?

Has your child been diagnosed as “dyslexic?”

Perhaps you have an ongoing interest in education and literacy?

Either way, we need your support to STOP education providers labelling our kids.

Following the government’s latest report (released on the 9th March entitled  ‘Support and aspiration: A new approach to special educational needs and disability),’ Dyslexia, Really? is a national education campaign based on the work of Robin Pauc. Through years of paediatric neurology in practice, he has developed a theory that focuses on the postnatal development of the brain in context of human evolution. His research has shown that learning difficulties as we know them do not exist, but the symptoms that we see are created by developmental delay and all interlink under an umbrella of what he calls Developmental Delay Syndrome.

From this foundation, he has released his latest findings on Convergence Insufficiency – 57% of children diagnosed as dyslexic may in fact have a brain-based eye control disorder that can be treated by the prescription of a simple computer generated Home Therapy System alongside targeted brain nutrition and physical exercises.

The campaign covers a wide range of topics, (from developmental delay to comorbidity between symptoms, as well as nutrition and the potential sociocultural impact that these findings could have) and aims to encourage our government to fund and conduct independent research in this area. Please sign below to pledge your support.

So what is Convergence Insufficiency?

Convergence Insufficiency is the brain’s inability to bring in the eyes in close together (converge). As convergence is an essential precursor to smooth tracking and reading fluency, this can impact heavily on a child’s ability to read which can lead to a misdiagnosis of dyslexia.

Convergence Insufficiency isn’t terminal, but caused by slower postnatal development in particular areas of the brain. It is easily diagnosed through two simple computer generated tests and unlike dyslexia it can be easily treated. Please download our guide to find out more.

Interested and looking for research evidence?

Please contact us for a copy of our supporting evidence brochure and comment document.

Change the future of our children and the education of society. Leave your signature and email address to urge the government to conduct independent research into the postnatal development of the brain and its possible impact on learning and behavioural difficulties such as Convergence Insufficiency.

  1. Very interesting. Do you have a copy of the brochure in electronic version? Can you please send it to me on ? It will be interesting to read it.

  2. Tania Barker permalink

    I hereby pledge my support and sign my name Tania Barker, to request the government fund and conduct independent research into the area of learning disability and post natal development of the brain and eye convergence.

    A quick starting point would be to contact the eye hospitals and ask them to ask the children who has been diagnosed with various convergence problems if they also have learning problems at school. My guess is there would be a high correlation rate between the two and be a catalyst for more research.

  3. Sign up for petition. Disgraceful lack of knowledge/apathy amongst Dorset Schools (Highcliffe Comprehensive), CAMHS, Opticians leading to years of lost learning and opportunity and destruction of Child’s self -esteem.

    After refusing to accept in the school’s opinion my Son’s lack of engagement in learning was due to his family/home situation ( insulting!) I found an Optometrist and OT who picked up on Convergence Insufficiency/Visual Processing Disorder and OT provided vision therapy. Local Authority SEN totally useless said it was Dyslexia and not their responsibility to help my Son school useless and said it’s common and therefore don’t need to do anything different. He is not Dyslexia he is 96 centile on IQ test undertaken by Dyslexia Action but unlikley to get any decent GCSE or have any self-esteem left after going through a mainstream secondary school which don’t give a dam. He is one of many boys who are bright in his year with similar problems who are not able to achieve their potential and loose out on education.

    He is what the Optometrist called a hunter gather perfect long vision but his body was not designed to sit reading all day at close range. The education system is failing the majority of young people leaving them lost,demotivated and frustrated. The system does not meet the needs of the young people and the culture is one of apathy and unaccountable to anyone effective

    This has to change.

    Please put my name on petition.

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