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Aug 5 23

ASPARTAME  –  Story by Fiona Leishman • 14/07/23

by Guest Admin

In a major review by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the common sweetener found in products such as Diet Coke and chewing gum, aspartame, has been ruled carcinogenic to humans.

The artificial sweetener has been used in various food and drink products since the 1980s, including diet drinks, chewing gum, ice cream, yoghurts, toothpaste and medications such as cough sweets and chewable vitamins. However, research on the health impacts of aspartame released yesterday, July 13, showed there was a link between consumption of the sweetener and increased cancer risk.


The British Heart Foundation has now suggested that regular consumption of both breakfast cereals and flavoured yogurts significantly increases the risk of heart disease. A poor diet containing processed foods with high levels of both salt and sugar as well as various e-numbers, together with little or no physical activity can lead to childhood obesity which itself puts the child at risk of not only heart disease bit also early onset diabetes.