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Jul 1 10

Is the Tinsley House treatment the same as the Dore programme

by Tinsley House Clinic

The answer is most definitely NOT.

The people at the Dore Centre believe that the learning and behavioural conditions are all due to problems – developmental delay – in the cerebellum (the little brain at the back and below the cerebral hemispheres). This idea has been challenged in the past and my personal opinion is that although the cerebellum is a very important factor in developmental delay it is NOT the seat of learning and behavioral issues in children or adults.

If only it were that simple. Therefore, apart from an initial short course of specific exercises designed to stimulate the under functioning cerebellar hemisphere, usually the left,  we also look at diet, supplementation and the very specific afferentation (stimulation) of sub-systems within the brain itself with particular reference to the prefrontal cortex and cingulated gyrus.