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Apr 7 10

Groundbreaking treatment for children diagnosed with Dyslexia

by Tinsley House Clinic

Based on research, Robin Pauc, Director of The Tinsley House Clinic suggests that 30% of children currently diagnosed as having dyslexia have instead a common eye condition that can be diagnosed in minutes and treated in weeks.

Imagine if 30% of dyslexic children could start reading fluently in such a short time frame.

Convergence is the act of bringing the eyes in towards the nose. The must be achieved equally and accurately as convergence is essential for all close work – reading, doing your sums and writing.

Convergence insufficiency – the inability to bring the eyes in towards the nose – will make all close work a strain, may impact upon learning and as convergence is an essential precursor to smooth tracking and reading fluency, may be mistaken for dyslexia.

It is estimated the > 30% of children currently diagnosed as having dyslexia have this convergence insufficiency which can be diagnosed in minutes and corrected in weeks.


A computer generated eye test called the Visual Therapy Assessment (VTA) can be completed in a matter of minutes. If the results show that convergence insufficiency is present a second eye test is arranged within a few days. If the results of the second eye test confirm the results the use of a home based treatment program is suggested.


The treatment of choice is the Home Therapy System (HTS). This is a fully automatic computer generated treatment that has been found to effectively treat 94.7% of children with convergence insufficiency.

How long?

The programme should be used daily and will take 18 minutes initially soon reducing to 7 minutes. The programme is usually completed in less than 3 months.