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Training Weekends

The Tinsley House Clinic will be providing training weekends for teachers and healthcare professionals interested in learning more about the learning and behavioural issues of childhood, plus intense 2-3 week training for healthcare professionals and full-time 2.5 year training programmes for clinics and institutions.

Lecture series for teachers and healthcare professionals – UK based.

I will be providing a series of lectures starting in September 2024. There will be 4-6 weekends provided depending on individual needs. The lectures will cover my theories on developmental delay, the underlying neurology, causes of individual problems, diagnosis and treatment. There will also be the opportunity to sit-in on examinations, assessments and treatments.

  • Places are limited to ensure good interaction with participants.
  • Participants will be expected to read research papers, set books and provide essays on set subjects.
  • Click to request course outlines

Intense training for healthcare professionals with a good basic knowledge of neurology.

This series of lectures is designed for healthcare professional wishing to expand their knowledge and understanding of the underlying functional neurology involved in the common behavioural and learning issues of childhood.

Full-time training is available to clinics and institutions over a 2.5 year period.

This service is designed to train staff to both diagnose and treat children with learning and behavioural conditions and includes both observing and being observed in the clinical setting.

  • Full details of this service are available on request.